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Les Clefs du Patrimoine is above all a story of encounters.

In the first place, it is the meeting of the two partners. After multiple experiences in real estate investment consulting for one and a banking career for the other, we met in the open space of a wealth management firm. On the strength of this fruitful collaboration and wishing to work in a more agile way than in a large structure, we decided to combine our skills and know-how to create our own real estate investment consulting firm.

In the second place, it is the meeting with our clients. At Les Clefs du Patrimoine, our objective is to guide and accompany a clientele of individuals and professionals in their investment projects. First of all: to guide. Faced with an economic, fiscal and legislative environment that is becoming increasingly complex. We are convinced that it is essential to be inspired by experts in order to move forward with serenity. Then: to accompany. When a contract is signed, the investment project has only just begun. This is why we support our clients at every stage of their project and remain in regular contact to answer all their needs and questions.



« During the preparation of my master’s degree, I did several internships abroad. I decided to start my professional life as an expatriate in China in order to perfect my English and to develop my customer relationship skills in an international context.

After this exciting experience, I came back to Brittany, my native land, in order to use my commercial skills in the real estate field. I held several positions in the old and new real estate sector and in loan brokerage. Each time, I wanted to work in independent and human-sized structures in order to keep the objectivity of the advice that is important to me. It was therefore quite natural for me to join the wealth management firm where I met Romain and where we began our first fruitful collaborations as employees before joining forces to found Les Clefs du Patrimoine. »

Our detailed professional careers



“After obtaining two Masters in Finance, I started my professional life in a department dedicated to expatriates and foreign investors of a large international bank. I had the opportunity to work with a demanding clientele composed mainly of executives of listed companies, diplomats and business leaders.

After a few years in Paris, I wanted to find more flexibility in the organization of my work and a more human dimension in the relationships with my clients. This is how I came to Nantes as a wealth management consultant in an independent firm. I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in real estate investment and I met Arnaud. After having successfully collaborated on several projects, we decided to join forces to become fully independent and accompany our clients as we saw fit, i.e. with efficiency and serenity.

Our detailed professional careers


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